Peace today


Peace, portrayed as a flying white tender dove holding a light green leaf.

Peace, expressed in endless songs and poems heard around the world.

Peace, a sign of two fingers pointing up.

What does peace mean, each waking day?

Does it mean that we need to hide in our rooms to have peace with our relations?

Does it mean that we need to be silent to have peace in our home?

Does it mean that we need to accept control to have peace in our country?

Does it mean that we need to agree to have peace in our mind?

Is that the peace we have been praying for?

But if we are thinking of this artistic ideal – the flying dove with a green leaf – isn’t it much more promising than that? Is it not that which we want?

A life where we can simply ask our neighbours for some milk; where we can leave the comfort of our familiar surroundings to visit another family; where we can give and receive undoubtedly.

A life where we need not be in denial, or silently ‘accept and move on’ in order to paint this ach-so-beautiful-dove-leaf image.

But how can we overcome the bitterness in our heart; the fear of not getting enough; the anger we have towards others?

What if each morning we were to wake up, holding on to peace, keeping it entrenched in our mind, while walking and talking to our neighbours? What if our associations were deliberate efforts, devoid of the lens of ethnicity – and not thinking about the past, or what his great-grandfather did - but thinking about the present? What is it that counts in this precious moment of two individuals whose paths cross constantly? Cultural diversity is, after all, a blessing!




Maybe our children can safely play with those of our neighbours.

Maybe he can help you to repair your flat tyre.

Maybe she can be more considerate in her response to the unloving post.

Maybe you could share a meal, albeit to mitigate your loneliness.

Do you want to make it possible? 


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