How to contribute to be one ~ in your daily life


Sitting in this colourfully-painted bus with bright red and purple seats, the smell of roasted corn and sound of reggae music caught my attention. In the front seat were two small girls staring at me.  

Soon I felt all eyes were on me; and with that, the expectations of who I was supposed to be, what I was supposed to do and the feeling that I did not belong in that bus. I felt like hiding somewhere in the seat, somewhere in the corner, somewhere where nobody could see me, or how different I was. And then a feeling of distance overcame me. And it was not only that I did not feel part of a group, but I felt a deep incomprehension of why I was in that public transport. 

A distance was created by my appearance, by their expectations (which are associated with my colour), and by the general idea of belonging.


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The suitcase lifestyle

Carrying my red suitcase, I was changing places, countries, continents and couch over the last years – such as many of you searching for a job or just a payed internship or simply a place to sleep. When a friend is calling me, the first question which I get is not ‘How are you?’ but ‘Where are you actually?’. I was avoiding any kind of shopping – not only because of my limited money – but of the fear that my suitcase would not close anymore.